2022 PJSA Online Registration and Payment Guide

Please follow the instructions below to register online at playfootball.com.au for our club. 

Please note there is a different process for Kindy Mini Roos, see separate instructions.

  • To start registration go to this link registration.playfootball.com.au/common/pages/reg/WelcomeRegPlus.aspx?entityid=31074&save=0
  • Choose Get Started.
  • Create or login to your Football Account.  You need to register as a parent before you register your child/children.
  • Select who you are registering – CHILD > Continue.
  • Enter the name, email and date of birth of your child.
  • Any previous accounts with the email address will be displayed, tick the correct one or create one if required.
  • Select the correct Registration Package that applies for your child as per below. There may be more than one showing for your child’s DOB, this is due to a limitation with the playfootball website – Please ensure you pick the correct one for your child’s year at school as detailed below.
League Details – School YearPlayers Birthdate must fall betweenFee per player      Includes GST
1 Micros (Mixed) – (PP-1)1st July 201530th June 2017$120.00
2 Joeys (Mixed) – (2-3)1st July 201330th June 2015$120.00
3 Rooball (Mixed) – (4-5)1st July 201130th June 2013$140.00
4 Ollyroos (Mixed) – (6-7)1st July 200930th June 2011$150.00
5 Junior High School (Mixed) – (8-9)1st July 200730th June 2009$160.00
6 Senior High School (Mixed) – (10-12)1st July 200430th June 2007$170.00
  • Answer all the questions.  If you miss something it will bounce you back.
  • No requirement for Profile Photo.
  • Fill in remaining details.  Make sure you read and tick the terms and conditions boxes.
  • Pay online or pay in person when you finalise the registration/s at Singleton on the 13th or 19th March.
  • After you submit an invoice will be sent to your email address – you need your FFA number and the FFA Invoice number from that email otherwise we cannot finalise your registration at the registration days at Singleton on the 13th or 19th March.
  • Complete the PJSA registration form (available at the in-person registration days) and Kidsport voucher if relevant.
  • Your registration has now been submitted online and will be pending until payment and completed PJSA registration forms are received.

Where do I go if I need help with my online registration?

  • Visit the Help page on the Play Football website support.playfootball.com.au.
  • Contact us for help with leagues and dates of birth.
  • For Password and Login help Contact Play Football Support:

Email: support@playfootball.com.au
Telephone: 02 8880 7983
Hours: Monday to Friday 10am to 7pm EST Saturday/Sunday 10am to 3pm EST