Referees have a great deal of authority during a soccer game, most notably to  ensure all the game actions—such as fouls, offsides, goals and other  movements—are officially noted during game play. Referees also have the power  to eject players from the game if they deem necessary. This also includes  injured players, who may be asked to leave the field of play if they are  delaying the game. In rare circumstances, the referees have the power to “suspend the  game” if there is any danger posed, such as fan interaction or inclement  weather.


Soccer referees are the official time keepers of the match.  Upon kickoff, the  referee must keep track of the time played and any additional time that must be  added to the end of the each half due to prolonged game stoppages. Referees are  also required to ensure there are no ineligible players on the field.


All referees complete both the FFA Laws of the Game (LOTG) Certificate as well as the Football West Level 4 Junior Referee Course sponsored by the PJSA. Contact us if you are interested in refereeing for PJSA.