Frequently Asked Questions

Are your teams mixed?

Yes, all our age groups are mixed boys and girls.

Where do the matches take place?

We operate across three grounds, Singleton Oval, Bortolo Oval (Mandurah), and South Yunderup. Senior High plays at Bortolo and/or Singleton.

When do matches take place?

Our season starts at the beginning of school Term 2 and runs for a maximum of 16 weeks. All leagues (except Senior High) play one game on Saturday mornings. The earliest game is at 8am, most leagues are complete before midday. Senior High runs on Friday nights, kick off around 6pm.

At the end of the season, during ealry September, we have carnivals for all our leagues. Depending on the number of teams there can be a BYE during the season.

Do you play during the term 2/3 holidays?

No, games are only during term time.

Do I have to have a team before I sign up?

No, if your child or a few friends want to play they will be placed in a team closest to their school or home. We ensure friend groups stay together.

When is registration?

Registration usually take place in February and March (keep an eye on our Facebook page for the dates).

Do I have to be part of a school team?

No, some schools have a number of teams in the leagues. Most of those schools will allow outside players to join their teams.

Are there “tryouts” to get in to teams?

No! No team in any PJSA league should ever require a tryout. Regardless of ability, if a child wants to play they will be accepted in a team.

Who coaches and manages the teams?

Each team provides their own coach and manager, usually parents, but can be grandparents, or older siblings. This role is sometimes shared if there are FIFO parents.

I’ve never coached a football team before! What do I do?

At the start of each season we offer coaching courses and example drills. Once you’ve signed up as a coach you’ll receive dates for any courses.

When and where does training take place?

That is up to the coach and manager. We can suggest options, but PJSA does not provide training for teams. We do provide training for coaches.

Do you require Working With Children checks?

If a parent is coaching/managing a team we cannot legally require WWC details. If someone is coaching who is not a parent (and 16+) we require a WWC number.

Do I have to buy a kit?

No. We can supply loan shirts for teams, or a team can supply their own. We do require all players to wear black shorts (without pockets), black socks, shin guards, and football boots (with plastic studs).

Do you accept Kidsport?

Yes, but you must register first with Kidsport and provide us with the voucher number at registration.

Can I put together a team to play in PJSA?

Yes, we welcome pre formed teams. Many schools do this.

Can I play in a PJSA league and my Sunday league team?

No, due to teams in the past treating PJSA as training practice and many no shows before big Sunday league games, we do not accept players from other Football West soccer teams (except school teams and five-a-side). This is a FIFA rule which is followed by Football Australia.

Can my child play up or down a league?

Under exceptional circumstances, yes. You must apply and give good reasons, it will then be decided by the committee on a case by case basis.

How much does a season cost?

Senior High (School years 10-12) $180.00
Junior High (School years 8-9) $170.00
Ollyroos (School years 6/7) $160.00
Rooball (School years 4/5) $150.00
Joeys (School years 2/3) $130.00
Micros (School years PP/1) $130.00
Mini Roos for Kindy $130.00

What rules do you play under?

We follow the FFA rules for these age groups with a few minor alterations to ensure fair play and safety. They can be found in our forms and download page. Please read the rules for your child’s league to avoid any confusion during matches.

What’s the maximum size of the teams?

Senior High (School years 10-12) – 15 (with 11 on pitch)
Junior High (School years 8-9) – 15 (with 11 on pitch)
Ollyroos (School years 6/7) – 12 (with 9 on pitch)
Rooball (School years 4/5) – 11 (with 8 on pitch)
Joeys (School years 2/3) – 9 (with 6 or 7 on pitch)
Micros (School years PP/1) – 8 (with 4, 5, or 6 on pitch)
Mini Roos for Kindy is a training program and has small group friendlies.

How long are the games?

Senior High (School years 10-12) – 2 x 40 minute halves
Junior High (School years 8-9) – 2 x 35 minute halves
Ollyroos (School years 6/7) – 2 x 30 minute halves
Rooball (School years 4/5) – 2 x 25 minute halves
Joeys (School years 2/3) – 2 x 20 minute halves
Micros (School years PP/1) – 2 x 20 minute halves
Mini Roos for Kindy is a training program and has small group friendlies to finish training sessions.

What leagues get referees?

PJSA will supply a referee for Rooball, Ollyroos, Junior High and Senior High. For Micros and Joeys the teams must provide a game leader who will guide the players in the rules of the game. We are always on the lookout for new referees from young to old. We often provide accredited referee training.

When are fixtures released?

The fixtures are partially released the week before the first weekend of Term 2. This is due to changing team numbers and to try and limit rescheduling later in the season. For clarity reasons we do not like team name changes after the first week, please make sure your team name is decided before week 1.